Having Faith In God, The Commencement Of His Glory

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Having Faith In God, The Commencement Of His Glory

 Author: mygod |  Date: 27/01/2021 23:51:27 PM |  Views: 92 |  7  Like:  

Having Faith In God, The Commencement Of His Glory

hello brethren, i will happy to share with you the basic prerequisites needed to have faith in God and make utterly use of the faith in your daily activities in life. i will not be wasting more of your time my brethren in the Lord, mow i will unleashing the secretes of having enormous faith in Christ Jesus with the fully elucidated versions.

How To Have Faith In Christ Jesus

1. Be Proactive in Believing Jesus

what do i mean by being proactive while having your faith in Christ Jesus? here is why i said so, because many people do not know God to the point of trusting in Him Wholly which is very deadly to embark on. i called this a journey without a definite destination.

knowing yourself in Christ Jesus is the number one thin g anyone will be happy to discovered. having this rugged faith in Him makes you know God more by faith. 

2. Add Death To Your Daily Activities

Adding death in all your plans makes you stronger and vivid about the fact that no one is to live here on earth forever 

Comment (3)

@Anonymous on 07/02/2021 ,06:28:17 AM
Death is inevitable , no Man can do without it since the day we are all born we carried death in us

@Anonymous on 07/02/2021 ,06:27:04 AM
Indeed, you nailed it all

@mygod 27/01/2021 ,23:52:25 PM
hmmm adding death?

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